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Where can I find a summer job?

Specialty Job Opportunities

Some of the most interesting summer jobs are available in specialty areas that just might be perfect for your interests and skills. One example – great student job opportunities are available for minority undergraduate students through Another great find – an extensive listing of summer camp employment opportunities can be found at Take the time to think about your ideal summer job and then search for resources like these that are eager to help match you up with your area of interest.

Where can I find a summer job?

A Great Way to More Money this Summer

Finding a great summer job can be easy, with the help of a few local and national resources. First, be sure to explore your new city, checking out local newspapers, employment agencies, and job fairs. All of these resources are available to help you! Ask them if they specialize in the kinds of jobs that you are interested in, and then put them to work for you - they may just find you a great job – and a great paycheck – this summer.

Where can I find a summer job?

Easy Steps to Your Next Summer Job

Looking for a great summer job? Its as easy as 1, 2, 3. 1 – Make sure you have a good idea of what type of job you would like and what types of jobs for students are available in your town. Match your skills to those jobs, ensuring that prospective employers will find you valuable. 2 – Check out local newspapers and job search websites. Remember, great employers are looking for you, too! 3 – Ask friends and family members for their suggestions - they may know of some great part time summer jobs at their companies. And remember, be optimistic - great employers are looking for you, too!

Where can I find a summer job?

Work for Uncle Sam This Summer

Looking for an unusual, exciting summer job? The federal government might have just the opportunity for you. Excellent student jobs are available at, where you can apply for jobs, build your resume, and find the ideal job! Another great resource? America's Job Bank, a service of the U.S. Department of Labor. This great resource for finding your next job offers training resources, resume preparation, and job search capabilities, and more. To contact America's Job Bank and learn more about employment throughout the United States call 1-877-US2JOBS or visit

Where can I find a summer job?

A Great Summer Job is Just Waiting for You!

Looking for a great summer job? Your local college or university might be the perfect place to start your student job search. All colleges have available jobs on their campuses during the summer, and in addition, local employers send their open positions to colleges, hoping that students will be interested in working for them. A complete listing of college campuses throughout the country is available at Finding a great student job may be as easy as contacting those universities in your hometown and choosing which position suits you best!

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