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Where can I find part time jobs?

Be Prepared to Apply Online

Before you start your on-line job search, be prepared. Here's what you'll need to get started (besides the computer!): Many online applications (even for part-time jobs) ask for contact information, educational background and employment history. You will need to know when you worked and what you were paid at your previous jobs. In addition, you may want to have a resume ready in Microsoft Word, that you can attach or copy into your application. You will also want to think about what days and hours you are available to work, as many employers will want to know. And proofread. Always read it over and check for spelling and grammar before you press the send button – there is no turning back on making a good impression. Planning ahead makes online applications easy – and helps you get them right the first time!

Where can I find part time jobs in restaurants?

The Recipe For a Great Job

Restaurant jobs abound in your area – all you have to do is look! Dozens of websites advertise restaurant and hospitality jobs, and many newspapers sort this category of part time job separately to make them easy to spot. And don't hesitate to ask at the restaurants that you visit frequently - if you like a place, employers will feel confident that you will represent them well!!

Where can I find part time, summer jobs?

From part-time to full time

A part-time, summer job is what you make it. You might just think of it as a source of some extra income, or as a “between jobs” position, but a summer job can be so much more. It can really be an opportunity to learn how businesses and retail facilities work from the inside out, and it can help you better determine what you'd like to do in the future. So this summer, look for jobs in your area of interest and look as them as opportunities to learn – more about yourself and the opportunities around you. This summer, why not turn your part-time job into a full time interest?

Where can I find part time jobs?

A Part-Time Job in No Time Flat

Need to find a part-time job fast? Here are a few simple suggestions to help you with a speedy search. Be available – have a telephone answering machine or voice mail available so that potential employers can get in touch with you. Be prepared – employers may want to interview you on the spot. Be dressed appropriately and ready to talk to them whenever they are ready for you. Be resourceful – Search local and part-time job search websites. In many cases, you will be able to apply online. Be ready – your job is out there, waiting for you!

Where can I find part time jobs in food service?

Serving Up Great Jobs Daily

Looking for a great part time job in the food service industry? Food service jobs are easy to find when you know where to look. Restaurants, hotels, convention and meeting facilities and caterers are looking for you – make sure you have the right presentation to impress them with (they are always looking for clean, personable people for front line jobs) – and make sure that you know how to find them. Finding them just takes a little research (either in your local paper or online) and some persistence - put when you find that great part time job, you will know it paid off!

Where can I find part time jobs?

Part Time Jobs Aplenty

Looking to find a great part time job? Why not start with the local newspapers in your state – they are often the first place employers turn to list their available jobs. For a complete listing of local newspapers in your state, visit There may be no better way to find a part time job than to search these great listings, featuring hundreds of excellent hourly jobs available throughout your community!

Where can I find part time jobs?

Find a Part Time Job in No Time at All

Looking for a great part time job this summer? Its as easy as 1, 2, 3. 1 – Make sure you have a good idea of what type of job you are looking for. Match your skills to those jobs, ensuring that prospective employers will find you valuable. 2 – Check out local newspapers and job search websites. 3 – Ask friends and family members for their suggestions - they may know of some great part time jobs at their companies. And remember, be optimistic - great employers are looking for you, too!

Where can I find part time, summer jobs?

Be Your Own Boss

Finding that you are “too young” for the jobs you want? This summer, you may need to get creative with your part-time job search and create some opportunities for yourself. What is it that you like to do? Love kids? Why not set up a babysitting service, offering daily times and rates to neighboring families. Enjoy being outside? Why not create a brochure promoting your lawn and garden services throughout the addition? Mowing lawns, mulching, and weeding will help you build muscles and get a great tan while you earn extra cash! Other ideas include a baked good service (either for families or at local craft and farmer's markets), car washing, painting, cleaning, dog walking and pet care, computer classes, errand running and more! This summer, why not flex your entrepreneurial muscles and go into business for yourself!

Where can I find part time jobs in restaurants?

Great Taste in Great Jobs

Finding a part time job in a restaurant isn't just a good source of additional cash – it is a learning experience that could lead to a great career! In fact, did you know that many of the millionaires in this country are owners of franchise and private restaurants? Working in one this summer might just help you get a taste for the industry, and could certainly grow into a lifetime career. So take the opportunity to learn, and not just earn a paycheck. Try as many positions as possible, ask lots of questions, and look into to different types of restaurants: fast food, family dining, elegant dining, etc. You might find a niche that you could really love!

Where can I find part time, summer jobs?

Create Your Own Opportunity

Many students are eager to find a “cool,” unique summer job. Maybe yours can be found in a small business that gains you excellent experience in your area of interest, while adding to your resume and wallet this summer! Every community has thousands of small businesses including printing, plumbing, landscaping, construction, computer programming, business promotion, advertising, health care and more. And most of these small businesses could really benefit from a part-time, minimum wage helper who is reliable and mature. In return, you can learn an amazing amount about the business because you will be in contact with everyone in the business every day. So think about what kind of work you would find interesting and research those companies in your town. You might be surprised to find that they are looking for you too!

Where can I find part time jobs in retail?

Point and Click to Your Next Job

Excellent retail jobs are just a mouse click away . . . many national retailers have set up job searches by area on their websites, making it easy to see if your favorite retailer has an open position for you. Looking for one site that has hundreds of retailers in one place – all looking to find people to fill their part time jobs? Check out is the leading part-time and hourly job site, which features hundreds of excellent hourly retail jobs available throughout your community. They collect jobs from area businesses and retailers and enable you to search for jobs in your area – Check them out!

Where can I find part time jobs?

Local Jobs – Delivered Right to Your Door

Great local retail jobs are available in two easy places – on your front step, and on your desktop! For those who like to start in print, why not check out your local newspapers? There are few places were you can find a better list of local part time jobs than in your local newspaper. For a list of newspapers in your area, visit For those who like to start online, you should check out the classified section of your local newspaper on the web - it is a great way to hit those jobs fast and find the perfect ones to apply for!

Where can I find part time jobs?

Knowing Someone in the Know

Want a part-time job at a local business? Talk to someone who shops or works there. They may know of open positions, or may have an idea of how you could “stand out” in the field of applicants. Getting this inside scoop will always put you on the inside track. In addition, it really helps to apply in person for jobs – this way the employer gets to meet you and get a feel for your personality and people skills – that is one sure way to help them remember who you are when it comes to hiring. “Networking,” by talking to people and asking for their advice and influence, is really is a great way to learn about available jobs and learn how to make them yours.

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