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How do I find a job in Michigan?

Michigan Works and So Will You!

A great job resource for Michiganders around the state? Michigan Works, one of the largest and most progressive workforce development associations in the country, is a great source of Michigan jobs. Found online at http://www.michiganworks.org/, Michigan Works is dedicated to help you find jobs throughout the state of Michigan. Look to them for job search resources, training and application advice, and extensive job listings. With Michigan Works in your corner, it won't be long before your in your dream career!

How do I find a job in Michigan?

Michiganders Love America's Job Bank

Looking for an hourly jobin Michigan ? Great jobs have been compiled for you by the U.S. Department of Labor in America's Job Bank. America's Job Bank is available by calling 1-8770US2JOBS, or by visiting www.ajb.org/mi. In addition to job opportunities, you'll find excellent training resources, resume preparation, and extensive job search capabilities – all in one place.

How do I find a job in Detroit, Michigan?

Find Your Next Job at Detroit's Work Place

Detroit's Work Place, found online at http://www.detroitsworkplace.org, is committed to meeting the employment needs of job seekers and employers in Detroit. At Detroit's Work Place, you will have immediate access to a number of services, including a career resource center, labor market trends, and job information. Detroit's Work Place operates three One-Stop Career centers conveniently located throughout Detroit that feature services customized to meet your individual needs.

How do I find a job in Detroit, Michigan?

Job Opportunities in Black and White

Your next part time job in Detroit may be as close as your local newspaper! In Detroit, and throughout Michigan, newspapers are a huge resource for job seekers – keeping you up to date on job opportunities in every sector of the market. In Detroit, check out the Detroit Free Press, available at newsstands, or online at http://www.freep.com/. You can also access an easy listing of newspapers throughout the State of Michigan at http://www.50states.com/news/michigan.htm – check it out!

How do I find a job in Michigan?

Setting Out on Your Job Search

Finding employment in the Great Lakes State can be easy, with the help of a few local and national resources. To find great Michigan jobs, be sure to explore your new city, checking out local newspapers, employment agencies, and job fairs. Employment agencies can be found listed in your local yellow pages - why not call one and find out if they specialize in the kinds of jobs you are looking for? Wouldn't it be great to have them out there, looking for great jobs in Michigan for you?

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