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How do I find a job in Minneapolis/St. Paul Minnesota?

Click Your Way to Your New Career

Looking for a job in the Minneapolis or a part time job in St Paul? Your best resource is just a click away – your computer! The best job searches start online, where you can search by exactly what you are looking for and find the jobs in Minneapolis and St Paul that you've been looking for! Another great resource? Minneapolis/St.Paul's leading newspaper, The Star Tribune, found online at http://www.startribune.com/. Both of these sites (and many others) offer extensive listings and opportunities galore to help you find Minnesota jobs – making your next job just a click away!

How do I find a job in Minnesota?

A Higher Degree of Job Search

You may not have thought of it before, but colleges and universities are great resources for full and part time jobs – in almost any community. Throughout the state, great Minnesota part time job opportunities abound – check out this listing of Minnesota colleges to find one near you: http://www.50states.com/college/minn.htm. Then, access the “employment opportunities” on their websites and search out the job that fits you best. Besides being institutions of higher learning, colleges are great places to find part-time and hourly jobs. Look for one in your town and see what types of positions they have available – it is a great way to find hundreds of Minnesota jobs and you just might find one that fits you perfectly!

How do I find a job in Minneapolis/St. Paul Minnesota?

Twin City Job Search

There are hundreds of jobs just waiting for you in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area – you just need to know where to look! Two great resources are job fairs (for a listing of current fairs throughout Minneapolis, check out http://www.deed.state.mn.us/events/) and employment and temporary agencies. Both work to match you with the right employer – and a good match is right around the corner! Just make sure to find the right firm that specializes in the kinds of jobs that you are looking for, and with a little research and some legwork, you'll find your next job in Minnesota!

How do I find a job in Minnesota?

Read All About It – Your New Career is Inside

Your local newspaper! In Minnesota, and throughout the US, newspapers are a huge resource for job seekers – keeping you up to date on job opportunities in every sector of the market. You can access a complete listing of newspapers throughout the State of Minnesota at http://www.50states.com/news/minn.htm, where Minnesota jobs have never been easier to find!

How do I find a job in Minnesota?

Minnesota's Best Natural Resources

The State of Minnesota may be known for its natural beauty, but it is also a state that provides excellent resources for its residents seeking employment. A few great websites statewide that provide excellent job search resources include the Minnesota Department of Employee Relations, found online at http://www.doer.state.mn.us/employment.htm, the Department of Employment and Economic Development at http://www.deed.state.mn.us/, and the Minnesota Workforce Center, http://www.mnworks.org/. Check out their extensive career tools and job listings and put these resources to work for you!

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