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How do I find a job in San Diego, California?

72 Degrees and Sunny – Your Future Looks Bright

San Diego Jobs can be easy to find – if you know where to look. Local newspapers are excellent resources to find employment opportunities all throughout California. In San Diego, start with the San Diego Union Tribune, available on newsstands or online at In addition, you can access San Diego's employment development department at (619) 266-4200. With a little hard work and persistence, your career can have a bright and sunny future in San Diego!

How do I find a job in Sacramento, California?

A Job Search Gold Mine

Even 150 years after the famous California "Gold Rush," you can still find golden career opportunities in Sacramento. Sacramento, the cosmopolitan capital of the nation's largest state, has hundreds of job search resources to aid you in your quest. From the city's largest daily newspaper, the Sacramento Bee, found online at, to the job fair listings and educational opportunities found at, Sacramento is full of rich employment opportunities – Happy Hunting!

How do I find a job in California?

Serious Networking

America's Job Bank, a service of the U.S. Department of Labor, is a great resource for finding your next job in California. Training resources, resume preparation, and job search capabilities are just a few of the things available to you through this excellent, free service. To contact California's Job Bank and learn more about jobs in the State of California, call 1-877-US2JOBS or visit

How do I find a job in California?

Setting Out on Your Job Search

Finding hourly employment in California can be easy, with the help of a few local and national resources. First, be sure to explore your new city, checking out local newspapers, employment agencies, and job fairs. All of these resources are available to help you! Employment agencies are listed in your local yellow pages - why not call a few and see if they specialize in the types of jobs that you are looking for? If you find a good match, you'll have found a company that will be actively working for you - looking to find you the perfect California Job!

How do I find a job in Anaheim, California?

The Juiciest Jobs in Orange County

Whether you search for jobs through Anaheim's daily newspaper, the Anaheim Bulletin, found online at, or work with one of Anaheim's many job placement agencies, sometimes you feel like you are trying to squeeze a job by searching one at a time. Why not go for a whole grove at once? Job fairs are great places to see a lot of opportunities - all in one place. They are always advertised online, and you can attend, knowing that great Anaheim Jobs are lined up, and ready to pick!

How do I find a job in California?

Put the State of California to Work for You

The State of California has established a network to help you find your next job in the Golden State. The State's Employment Development Department has established a web site to link you to your next job: The site offers links to job fairs and job search workshops, as well as an extensive pool of available Jobs in California. A resource available to all California residents, why not put the State of California to work for you?

How do I find a job in Laguna Beach, California?

Your Job Search in Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach, California is one the most beautiful places on earth, and it can be the site for your next job! For information on employment agencies, classified and newspaper listings, job banks, and career and resume resources, visit Laguna Beach's employment resource, It is a great reference, with everything you need to prepare for and find your next job - all in one place. It is the perfect place to start looking for a great job in Laguna Beach and throughout California.

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