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How do I find a job in Las Vegas, Nevada?

Viva Las Vegas!

From the bright lights to the late nights, Las Vegas is truly an intoxicating town! As a town dedicated to tourism, it is no wonder that great jobs abound in thousands of full and part time positions! Because casinos and resorts are so eager to fill their staff with the best employees they can find, they have literally established casino job hotlines to help you find the perfect Las Vegas job in their service industry. For a listing of these hotlines, visit and find a great job in Nevada!

How do I find a job in Las Vegas, Nevada?

Read All About It

You don't have to be lucky to find a great job in Las Vegas, Nevada! Job seekers know that the secret to finding great employment can be found in your daily newspaper! Newspapers are the first stop for many employers, so you'll always find the most recent information by checking their classified sections both in print and online. For a listing of newspapers in Nevada, visit, and for job listings in the Las Vegas newspapers, visit Your lucky job is just a page turn away!

How do I find a job in Las Vegas, Nevada?

Silver State Resources

The State is eager to help you find your next job in Nevada! Through the Nevada Department of Employment, Training & Rehabilitation, found online at, you can find excellent job resources and opportunities to find Las Vegas jobs and jobs throughout the state. While there, check out Nevada Job Connect, at, another great career and employment service offered by the Silver State.

How do I find a job in Las Vegas, Nevada?

At a Campus Near You

Throughout Nevada, colleges and universities are looking for full and part time employees to help them staff and support their operations – they are all eagerly looking for you! You can find a listing of colleges throughout the state, featuring great Las Vegas jobs online at, and from there you can easily access the “employment opportunities” on their websites. Besides being institutions of higher learning, colleges are great places to find part-time and hourly jobs. What a great way to find the Nevada jobs you've been looking for - at a campus near you.

How do I find a job in Las Vegas, Nevada?

Get Lucky!

Let Lady Luck – or at least one of her helpers – assist you with your next Las Vegas job search! In Las Vegas and all throughout Nevada there are dozens of employment agencies eager to assist you in your employment search. For a great listing of agencies eager to help find you your next job, visit Search them out, see if they offer the kind of services you are looking for, and then see if they can't help you make your career goals a reality!

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