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How do I find a job in Arizona?

Arizona's Job Bank

Looking for a great job in Arizona? Great jobs, all throughout the Grand Canyon State have been compiled for you by the U.S. Department of Labor in America's Job Bank. America's Job Bank is available by calling 1-8770US2JOBS, or by visiting In addition to job opportunities, you'll find excellent training resources, resume preparation, and extensive job search capabilities – all in one place.

How do I find a job in Phoenix, Arizona?

Phoenix – A City of Opportunities

Looking for your next great job in Phoenix, Arizona? Well, look no further than the fantastic job opportunities you can find online and throughout the city. Your first stop? The Arizona Republic, Phoenix's daily newspaper, found online at Another great resource? Job fairs, where employers are lined up and looking for you! For a list of upcoming job fairs in the Phoenix area, visit

How do I find a job in Arizona?

Arizona Universities are Looking for You!

Ever think of a college as more than an institution of higher learning? Well, they are – they are excellent places to find full and part-time jobs in Arizona! A complete listing of universities throughout the State of Arizona is available online at and they are all looking for you! Colleges are great places to find part-time and hourly jobs. Look for one in your town and see what types of positions they have available. You'll find great opportunities on lovely campuses – waiting just outside your door.

How do I find a job in Arizona?

Grand Opportunities in the Grand Canyon State

The State of Arizona is eager to help you find your next job! For resources including job listings, resume and interview assistance, and other employment resources, visit their online job portal: In addition, the state offers unemployment assistance and information on jobs available through federal and other local agencies.

How do I find a job in Tucson, Arizona?

Temporary and Full Time Positions in Tucson

Tucson isn't just a beautiful, natural oasis – it can be the sight of your next great job! For jobs in Tucson and throughout Arizona, employment agencies are a great resource. Their job is to match you up with the right employer and they are eager to get to work for you – and it is a great way to find jobs in Arizona. For a list of agencies in the Tucson area, visit Another great resource? The classified section of the newspaper. To access the online job listings of the Citizen and Daily Star, visit Good luck! Your next career awaits!

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