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How do I find a job in Chicago, Illinois?

Windy City Updates

One of your first stops in any part time job search should be waiting on your front steps – your local newspaper. With daily printings (or online postings), you can be sure that you are on the cutting edge of any opportunities in your field – and the local paper is always one of the first places that employers looking for help call. There are several great papers in Chicago, and throughout Illinois. For a listing of newspapers in the Land of Lincoln, visit The second place to look – online. There are dozens of websites ready to help you, and make it easy for you to find your next great Chicago job opportunity!

How do I find a job in Chicago, Illinois?

Serious Networking

America's Job Bank, a service of the U.S. Department of Labor, is a great resource for finding your next job in Chicago, and Greater Illinois. Training resources, resume preparation, and job search capabilities are just a few of the things available to you through this excellent, free service. To contact Illinois's Job Bank and learn more about employment throughout the state, call 1-877-US2JOBS or visit

How do I find a job in Chicago, Illinois?

Put Your Tax Money to Work for You

The State of Illinois has assembled a website to help you find your next job: It is the first place Chicago and Illinois-area employers come to find qualified job seekers and where job seekers come to find jobs in Illinois. The site also provides quick access to other job related services and information such as: job listings from state agencies, universities, and local governments all over Illinois; information on the nearest Illinois Job Training Center; and access to federal jobs portals. In addition, you'll find the Illinois Skills Match - where you can quickly match your job requirements and skills to thousands of job openings in Illinois and surrounding states. It's easy to use and it's FREE!

How do I find a job in Chicago, Illinois?

A Job Search in the Land of Lincoln

Finding jobs in Chicago and throughout Illinois can be easy, with the help of a few local and national resources. First, be sure to explore your new city, checking out local newspapers and niche publications, employment agencies, and job fairs. All of these resources are available to help you! Employment agencies, in particular, want to work to find you your next Chicago job, so why not let them? Find one that specializes in the kind of work that you like to do and see if they can't help you find your next great Chicago job opportunity!

How do I find a job in Chicago, Illinois?

The Big Job on Campus

Throughout Illinois, colleges and universities are looking for full and part time employees to help them staff and support their operations – they are all eagerly looking for you! You can find a listing of colleges from Chicago to Southern Illinois online at, and from there you can easily access the “employment opportunities” on their websites. Besides being institutions of higher learning, colleges are great places to find part-time and hourly jobs. Look for one in your town and see what types of Chicago and Illinois jobs they have available. You might just find one that you'd give a A+.

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