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How do I find a job in Tampa, Florida?

What's Black, White, and Full of Career Opportunities?

Your local newspaper! In Tampa, and throughout Greater Florida, newspapers are a huge resource for Florida job seekers – keeping you up to date on job opportunities in every sector of the market. For Tampa jobs, check out the Tampa Tribune, available at newsstands, or online at http://www.tampatrib.com/. You can also access an easy listing of newspapers throughout the State of Florida at http://www.50states.com/news/florida.htm.

How do I find a job in Florida?

An Incredible Opportunity

Florida Job Corps, a division of the U.S. Department of Labor Employment & Training Administration (available online at http://jobcorps.doleta.gov/centers/fl.cfm), is a no-cost education and vocational training program administered by the U.S. Department of Labor that helps young people ages 16 through 24 get a better job, make more money and take control of their lives. At Job Corps, students enroll to learn a trade, earn a high school diploma or GED and get help finding a good job. This great resource is available to Florida residents who meet the requirements, and is a great start to a bright future in Florida!

How do I find a job in Florida?

Job Opportunities in the Sunshine State

The State of Florida is eager to help Florida job seekers find a great new career in the Sunshine State. Resources abound in your community, including statewide job assistance from the official State of Florida website, http://www.myflorida.com/, and the Florida Division of Employment and Labor, http://www.stateofflorida.com/Portal/DesktopDefault.aspx?tabid=10. These websites not only list job opportunities, but job fairs, training resources, unemployment information, and a host of other great assets available to Florida residents for free!

How do I find a job in Orlando, Florida?

A Magical New Career

Looking for a job in Orlando, Florida? There are many great resources to make it possible. One – Employment agencies. Their job is to match you with the right opportunity – take advantage of their services. Two – Job fairs. Get out there and meet with prospective employers who are lined up, looking for you! Three – Newspapers. Updated daily, they are the first place employers think to list their available jobs. In Orlando, check out the Orlando Sentinel, available at newsstands or online at http://www.orlandosentinel.com/.

How do I find a job in Florida?

Squeeze Out a Tasty New Career

Job fairs are incredible resources – and with dozens of employers lined up to meet you, the possibilities are limitless! All those employers and opportunities are in one place, and they are all looking for you! One great resource for Florida job seekers is http://www.floridajobs.com/en-us/seeker/jobFairs.php#CF1, a website that offers listings of upcoming job fairs throughout Florida. So, check out the upcoming opportunities, prepare your resume, come dressed to impress, and find a great Florida job!

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