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How do I find a job in Atlanta, Georgia?

Ripe for the Pickin'

Job prospects are just peachy in Georgia when you know where to look! One of the best resources you have is right in front of you – your computer! Put your computer to work for you and begin your Atlanta job search online! One great resource to help you get started is Atlanta's top daily newspaper, the Atlanta Journal Constitution. In fact, they host their own job search website at which lists daily updated opportunities as well as a career center and educational information. So keep surfing – the right job for you is ripe for the pickin'!

How do I find a job in Atlanta, Georgia?

A Day at the Fair

Ok, it may not actually feel like a day at the fair, but attending a job fair can actually be a lot of fun! All those employers and opportunities in one place, and they are all looking for you! One great resource for Atlanta job seekers is, a website that offers listings of upcoming job fairs in Atlanta and throughout Georgia. So, check out the upcoming opportunities, prepare your resume, and come dressed to impress! These employers are all looking for people like you and you may just find the perfect, blue-ribbon job in Atlanta!

How do I find a job in Atlanta, Georgia?

Atlanta Job Seekers: Put a Staff of Experience Behind You!

Sometimes the best way to find a job is to let someone else do it for you! In Atlanta and throughout Georgia there are dozens of employment agencies eager to assist you in your search. A few in Atlanta include Atlanta's Finest Staffing, an employment agency, recruiter, and personnel service - Digital City Atlanta Career Services, the Digital City's directory to employment agencies and career services in Atlanta, and Chase Staffing - providing staffing for clients with temp, temp-to-hire, and direct hire positions. Search them out and see if they offer the kind of services you are looking for, and then see if they can't help you make your career goals a reality!

How do I find a job in Atlanta, Georgia?

A Degree in Good Sense

Have you ever thought about the local colleges and universities as great resources for finding your next job? They are! In Atlanta alone, there are dozens of colleges and universities and throughout Georgia there are many more to pursue. For a full list of Georgia's colleges and universities, visit Not only are they institutions of higher learning, but colleges can be great community resources, offering challenging and fun part-time and hourly jobs in Atlanta. Why not learn more about what they have to offer?

How do I find a job in Atlanta, Georgia?

A Georgia State of Mind

Why not employ a service of your state in your Georgia job search – available for free to residents of Georgia? The Georgia Department of Labor,, is eager to help you find a job and they offer unemployment information, training, and education to all residents of Atlanta and the State, at no cost to you. Put them to work for you and find the Atlanta job you've always dreamed of, waiting just outside your door.

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